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LG Motion UK

Automated palletising solution


We’ve collaborated with OnRobot to offer a seamless plug-and-play palletising solution that requires no programming, providing fully automated functionality out of the box!

Installed and running within 2 days! With prices starting from £45,000.00

Prices shown are for parts only. Excludes on-site installation costs. Contact us for more information.


Other models also available

Set up D:PLOY and the run the application. D:PLOY simplifies automation to provide you with a flexible, easy and affordable entry point into robotic automation.

The pallet station is a mechanical guide for pallets in a palletising application. The pallet station is usually integrated with Lift100

The OnRobot Lift100 is a long-stroke, high-payload robot elevator that adds a versatile seventh axis to six-axis robot arms.

Other grippers also available